Monday, November 02, 2015

Recommended Reading

We recently came across two interesting, not-so-recent articles.  The first is from The Washington Post ("The End of Human Rights"), and the second is from The New York Times ("Have Human Rights Treaties Failed?").  Each were written in 2014.  Although these aren't new articles, they are interesting.

The Post article says a lot, but, in its most basic sense, the author discusses the notion that we cannot ignore the role that religion plays worldwide when it comes to human rights.  I have my own personal opinions about this, but I think that it makes sense that there needs to be an understanding and comprehensive approach to human rights across all geographical lines.

The Times article contains a back-and-forth debate as to whether human rights treaties are useful.  The yo-yo nature of the way this article is written is a tad annoying, but it's important to understand each side.  The article ends in support for human rights treaties, but the conversation is more holistic than not.

Happy reading!

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