Thursday, September 28, 2006

Enforced Detainment

I thought this was an interesting article that highlights the clandestine nature of this "war on terror." It seems that Pakistan has joined the frey, and who knows how many other countries have detained, interrogated and possibly executed human beings dubbed as "terrorists."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Ambassador" Film/ Monday Night

I just wanted to post this message and let everyone know about the film "Ambassador" that was shown at the IPJ last night.

The film was well done, and it documented the possible human rights violations intelligence czar John Negroponte may be guilty of from his ambassadorship in Honduras and Nicaragua in the 1980's.

The film was powerful, and illustrated the current struggle that is going on worldwide to end official impunity and shed light on the criminal activity military and political leaders have engaged in over the years.

The film is not available on DVD yet because they are looking for a publisher, but I would recommend anyone who is interested in international human rights and increasing accountability to those responsible for carrying out these violations to check out this film on the web or go to and read about the film there.


Monday, September 25, 2006

ALSO, Solar Energy Week and Conference

I also want to pass on a message to everyone from Scott Anders, director of the law schools Energy Policy Initiatives Center. EPIC will be hosting a Solar Energy Conference this Thursday the 27th as part of Solar Energy Week here on campus.

The conference is all day, from 8-5, so feel free to show up when you can, or just for a few hours and learn about solar energy developments in California. Registration is required (info about registration at the web address below) but it is free and includes meals.


Hope some of you can attend. Also, if you are interested in energy law or alternative energy, feel free to stop by EPIC (in the back of the LRC) and talk to Scott Anders ( . He may even have work study positions avaliable.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ogaden Conference

I would like to echo the previous bloggers comments on the Ogaden conference.

I thought the conference was fantastic. The first panel was very enlightening in terms of the history of the Ogaden people, their plight and what the government of Ethiopia and the warlords of Somalia have neglected to do over the years to help them.

The second panel was also very interesting, highlighting the problems Somali refugees have in staying active with their problems back in the native land along with wrestling the common day problems here in the United States.

I really thought the evening was topped off perfectly when the former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mr. Cohen, spoke about the reasoning behind American policy in the Horn of Africa.

If this is any sign of conferences to come at the IPJ, I am very excited to attend each one. I know of a couple coming up in October on gender roles in conflict resolution which I am going to be a student delegate to and also some conferences on Mexican economic issues and speeches given by high level justices in Mexico, Spain and Chile on reforming the Latin American judicial system.

I'll try and keep everyone posted on what I hear on this message board.

Peter S.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Artice in the New York Times today about the impending African Union pull out from Sudan.

Good Books?

In between reading law cases I have been trying to slide in some interesting books regarding to human rights. I was wondering if any of you had some recommendations? A list books I have gone through recently are:

The Culture of Make Believe (a book about what makes America such a destructive society)

Mountains Beyond Mountains (up lifting book about a doctor in Haiti)

First World Ha Ha Ha! The Zapatista Movement

Problem From Hell: America in the Age of Genocide (chronicles of genocide since WWII and reasoning behind the lack of American involvement)

A Little Matter of Genocide (evaluation of US relations with indigenous Americans)

Overthrow (History of American Foreign Policy that resulted in overthow of foreign government)


The conference on Ogaden was great. It was an enlightening experience to share a room with 100+ refugees. I learned a lot about the history of the conflict with Ethiopia and the ongoing conflict in the region now. The speakers were knowledgeable, well spoken, and most importantly, passionate about seeking a peaceful resolution to what is happening there. A transcendent event!

speaker suggestion: William Aceves

William is a professor of international human rights law at Cal Western. He's very involved with Amnesty International USA and the local Amnesty group has organized several speaking events with him (e.g., Guantanamo detensions, torture, extraordinary renditions, universal jurisdiction). I believe he's also been invovled in lawsuits against torturers under the Alien Tort Claims Act.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

LRA demand ICC charges be dropped in Ugandan Peace Talks

Hey everyone. I know its tough in the hustle and bustle of law school to keep abreast on event around the world, but heres an important one. This is a fascinating article about the LRA -Ugandan cease fire, and the LRA's current tactic of attempting to avoid international liability by threatening the end of the cease fire:

Enjoy and feel free to post similar human rights articles you find interesting.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome to the IHRLS website!

Hi everyone,

This is the club website which will include the following things: schedule of club events (including speaking events at the IPJ), international human rights job postings/internships/study abroad opportunities, and relevant news articles on human rights issues abroad.

So EVERYONE can post relevant information and articles they come across for all to see, here is the username and password for the blog. You can log in at

username: usdhumanrights
password: usdhumanrights

Hope to see some posts soon!