Monday, September 11, 2006

Ogaden Conference

I would like to echo the previous bloggers comments on the Ogaden conference.

I thought the conference was fantastic. The first panel was very enlightening in terms of the history of the Ogaden people, their plight and what the government of Ethiopia and the warlords of Somalia have neglected to do over the years to help them.

The second panel was also very interesting, highlighting the problems Somali refugees have in staying active with their problems back in the native land along with wrestling the common day problems here in the United States.

I really thought the evening was topped off perfectly when the former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mr. Cohen, spoke about the reasoning behind American policy in the Horn of Africa.

If this is any sign of conferences to come at the IPJ, I am very excited to attend each one. I know of a couple coming up in October on gender roles in conflict resolution which I am going to be a student delegate to and also some conferences on Mexican economic issues and speeches given by high level justices in Mexico, Spain and Chile on reforming the Latin American judicial system.

I'll try and keep everyone posted on what I hear on this message board.

Peter S.

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