Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcing: The 2010 Arthur C. Helton Fellowship Program

The American Society of International Law is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Arthur C. Helton Fellowship Program.

The Arthur C. Helton Fellowship Program, established in 2004 on the recommendation of the ASIL Honors Committee, recognizes the legacy of Arthur Helton, an ASIL member who died in the August 19, 2003, bombing of the UN mission in Baghdad along with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Viera de Mello and 20 others. 

ASIL's Helton Fellowship Program gives micro-grants for logistics, housing and living expenses, and other costs related to the Fellow's fieldwork and research.

• Law students, practicing lawyers, human rights professionals, scholars, and other individuals seeking assistance in conducting international fieldwork and law-related research are encouraged to apply.
• Applicants must be affiliated, for purposes of completing their project, in some way with an educational institution, international organization, or non-governmental organization.

The Helton application form and guidelines for a qualifying proposal, as well as general information, may be found at, or through the ASIL Service Center at +1-856-380-6810. All application materials for a 2010 fellowship must be submitted electronically to starting October 12, 2009, and no later than February 12, 2010. Only the first 50 complete applications will be considered. Fellowship awards will be announced in late March 2010.

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